Here in Kalamazoo we have our infamous "Beer Run" you can take which leads you to all the major breweries and pubs in town. Well the people over at have put together an intelligent list of some of the best taco stops in Michigan. With the essemblance, they've created a trail we can actually travel to sample all of the spots where you can find some of Michigan's top tacos. This is the trail layout:

It's a total travel time of 11 hours and 47 minutes, which doesn't include time to eatso it may end up being a two day event. Here are all the spots in order of where to begin starting in Holland:

1.  Margarita’s (495 W 17th St, Holland)
2. Taco House (1707 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City)
3. Blue Iguana Mexican Grill (5014 North U.S. 23, Oscoda Twp)
4. Cuatro Amigos (310 E Midland St, Bay City)
5. Taqueria Lupita’s (3443 Bagley Ave, Detroit)
6. Chela’s (693 S Maple Rd, Ann Arbor)
7. Pablo’s Panaderia (311 East Grand River Avenue, Lansing)
8. Donkey Taqueria (665 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids)

Do you have what it takes to take this taco challange this summer? If I can score the time-off, I think I'm gonna take a shot at it.


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