From the relaxing lull of traffic on the highway to the roars of a jet flying out of a major airport, this map shows where the worst noise pollution in Michigan is found.

The map comes from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and is known as the National Transportation Noise Map. It was released at the end of March 2017 and shows the level of highway and airport noise across the country.

The study shows a great number of us,

97 percent of the U.S. population has the potential to be exposed to noise from aviation and Interstate highways at levels below 50 decibels or roughly comparable to the noise level of a humming refrigerator.

While a smaller number of the population faces a higher level of noise pollution from

aviation and Interstate highway noise. Less than one-tenth of a percent of the population could potentially experience noise levels of 80 decibels or more, equivalent to the noise level of a garbage disposal.

Noise Pollution in Michigan

Here's how noise pollution affects cities across Michigan.

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