This is something that's been different about the United States for a long time. We have no declared official language. France's official language is French, Mexico's is fact, most of the rest of the world has a declared official language. 32 states in the US have one, and a Michigan politician wants the Mitten to join them.

House Bill 4053, introduced by Rep Tom Barrett, would establish English as the official language of Michigan.

Does this mean you'd have to learn English to live here? No. But it would mean that all government communications and proceedings would be in English. Other languages would still be allowed, but would set the main language of the state.

Is this necessary? Most government proceedings take place in English already, and have for a LONG this just more unnecessary legislation generated by an already bloated government?

Or is this, as the ACLU states, an attack on free speech? That seems a little extreme...or does it?

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