MDOT contracted to repair M-40 from C.R. 665 to St Joseph street in Paw Paw. The contractor is finished. This is what Paw Paw was left with. 

I received an email about repair work taking place on M-40 in Paw Paw and drove out to take a look. The barrels were pulled back and the crews heading home. I took a few photos of a very small section of this construction area and then contacted  Nicholas Schirripa, who is the Communications Representative for the Michigan Department of Transportations Southwest Region. This is from his first email.

MDOT preformed concrete repairs on M-40 between County Road 665 and St. Joseph Street in Paw Paw. Failing concrete and deteriorating joints (the line where two concrete slabs meet) were replaced.
Construction originally was expected to be completed by Sept. 15, but the contractor was able to complete the project early. We expect all lanes to completely reopen tomorrow.
The project investment was $390,000.
John Mason/TSM

So the work was completed early with tax payers forking over nearly $400,000 for the job. I sent Nick these photos and asked why these areas that were marked to be replaced or should have been replaced not touched?


John Mason/TSM

I asked if there were any further repairs to be made in MDOT's 5 year plan that were not addressed with this repair or if this contractor would be the one completing any future repairs, what future repairs could look like or if there is even a plan at this point to address these issues. I also asked why they removed some sections that looked good And yet stopped short of the next 18 inches that were in worse condition? Sections that were marked and would have been easy to pull out now instead of leaving it between two good sections?

The only response was this,

We are aware there are more needs in this corridor, and they will be addressed in the future when we have the funding for such a project.

Alright, they know more needs to be done and there isn't money available at this time. I understand that. Yet he wouldn't address the issue of bad areas being left behind while other sections with less damage were removed.

I asked more questions to which I still have not received a response.

What can we do about it? Plenty. MDOT is inviting your input and you can find out more under the Get Involved section of the state's site. You can also contact Nick at and ask your own questions.

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