Mason Ramsey's Famous EP release party was an all-ages affair that included crawfish, country music, cornhole and a camel. Yep, a live camel showed up at a private afterparty. Oh yeah, we got pictures!

Fans and media at the July 19 event at Clementine, a converted 19th century church, found 11-year-old "Lil Hank Williams" doing kid things before his 20-minute long performance. He played cornhole and giant Jenga with kids his age, and watched as others try to pin the bowtie on a giant poster of him. Of course, he enjoyed his superboil. The idea, he says, was inspired by something his grandparents used to do.

"Since as long as I can remember, my grandparents have always had company over to listen to good music and eat good food," Ramsey tells Taste of Country. "I wanted to bring my hometown to Nashville and celebrate my first Famous EP with a huge superboil!"

"I couldn’t believe how many people came out to my party!"

The six-song EP includes his covers of Hank Williams "Lovesick Blues" and "Jambalaya" as well as his originals, "Famous" and "The Way I See It." Backed by a single guitarist and holding his own black acoustic, Ramsey played them all for an industry crowd. Afterward, he shared that he took a few VIPs to his manager's house and surprised them with a petting zoo.

"Never thought I’d look down while singing to see a camel on my front yard in Nashville,” he says. Few have ever imagined such a day!

Ramsey's journey began in April 2018 when a viral video of him singing at his local Walmart went viral. He appeared on numerous daytime talk shows and several country music festivals, eventually releasing "Famous" as a single. The EP was released on July 20.

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