Luke Bryan fans know he and his wife Caroline share a goofy sense of humor and kind heart — that’s what makes their relationship work so well. Now they can see it firsthand, because Caroline has made her Instagram feed public!

While we’re playing catchup on her posts (yeah, we're creepin'!), we’ve pulled a few of the most endearing ones. From hilarious Christmas-themed costumes and rule-breaking at the CMAs to sentimental posts about her kids, Caroline definitely knows how to use her Instagram feed to brighten people’s days. See a few of the best photos (and one amazing video) below:

1. Luke Bryan dressed as Buddy, sitting on his wife's lap? This is gold.

If this post doesn’t sum up how delightful this couple is, we don’t know what does. With Bryan dressed as Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf and Caroline dressed as his adoptive father, Papa Elf, we couldn’t come up with a better Halloween costume for them if we tried. Bryan sitting on his wife’s lap just sells the whole thing.

2. This family's bonding is set in stone. 

One of Caroline’s more sentimental photos, this one was posted a year after the family created a series of handprints and signed their names in wet concrete as a sort of time capsule to remember the moment. The photo doesn’t say where it’s located, but it’s definitely a sweet memory made for the family, including Bryan’s nephew Til, who joined their family when Bryan’s sister and brother-in-law passed away seven years apart. Though it’s an adorable post, Caroline couldn’t resist making a joke about wishing Til had spent some more time crafting his entry. Teenagers, right?!

3. PDA is A-OK for Luke and Caroline Bryan!

This post could qualify as TMI, but in her defense, her account used to be private. In this photo, Bryan and Caroline are having a rather graphic (but clearly posed) makeout session in which it appears Bryan missed entirely and is just licking Caroline. They're wearing holiday garb (including Bryan’s Miller-Lite-themed sweater), and Caroline joked about the strength of the punch to explain the inappropriate behavior. (Til — who is a teen and therefore square in the my-guardians-are-an-embarrassment phase — was sure to chime in in the comments with only, "sicko.")

4. #DadGoals

A sweet photo of Bryan and his son Bo cuddled up together, sleeping on an airplane as they trek from (assumably) one show to another will melt you. Caroline dubs them “Professional Travelers." Bryan is a dedicated family man, and he has proved that time and time again by making time with his family a priority and taking care of extended family members as his family has walked through tragedies. It’s a testament to the singer’s big heart and genuine personality, and this photo suits him.

5. The redneck life chose them, apparently.

The couple that rednecks together, stays together, right? At least it’s true for these two goofballs. This photo is from back in 2014, but it still rings true to Luke and Caroline's personalities as they showw off their fake missing teeth as if they’re hillbillies. Caroline simply captions the photo with an ironic “Class.”

6. Caroline is a mom who gets memes, and that's cool. 

Caroline didn't snap this, but she shared it, and it shows her sense of humor perfectly. Apparently she found this meme online with a caption accompanying a photo of herself and Bryan at an awards show, and it made her laugh. The looks on their faces match the description of them judging a person they hate perfectly — even if the context could be expanded to places outside of school (“class, weddings, Publix, family dinners, Goodwill drop off etc,” she writes).

7. It's all fun and games ... 'til someone puts makeup on Til.

A family brave enough to prank one another is a family with a solid foundation of trust. Or just a penchant for mischief. Either way, the Bryans have it. This hilarious photo shows Caroline being a bit mischievous (out of boredom, she says), sneaking up to a sleeping Til to see if she can get away with putting mascara on him. The results were not shared, but somehow we think she was successful — or it at least made a good story.

8. Luke Bryan's mama wouldn't be happy.

It’s universal. Even for famous couples, the husbands just don’t know how to make the bed the same way the wife does. This photo is a cute look into life at the Bryans’ house after Caroline asked her husband to make the bed. Bless his heart; he tried.

9. Ever wonder what REALLY happens backstage at the CMA Awards?

Caroline is not afraid to go a little off-book, as shown in this wild photo from the CMA Awards. She and some friends apparently took over the men’s bathroom backstage, living it up across enemy lines. Caroline is pictured hushing the camera, and she included the caption “what happens at the CMAs …” implying that, of course, it stays at the CMAs. Unless you post it on Instagram, that is.

10. The Bryans get rowdy!

The Bryan family does not go easy on each other when they compete, as shown with this hilarious video. Caroline and her nephew, Til, are wearing inflatable tubes around their waists and charging at one another, assumably with the intent of knocking each other down. Unfortunately Til did not go easy on his aunt and ran smack into her, and Caroline went down. Fortunately, the only thing that seemed to be injured was her pride.

Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Aren't Afraid of PDA

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