The last big screen adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons didn’t turn out so great — in fact, it was pretty terrible. So it shouldn’t take much to make a better Dungeons and Dragons movie, but thankfully Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to be interested in just delivering the bare minimum, as they’ve officially tapped Goosebumps director Rob Letterman to helm a new adaptation of the prolific table top RPG.

Maybe another Dungeons and Dragons movie doesn’t seem like such a good idea to some of you, but a Goosebumps movie didn’t sound particularly exciting, either, and Letterman managed to deliver a surprisingly clever and entertaining film. That should give you some hope for Dungeons and Dragons, as THR reports that WB has officially hired Letterman to helm the new big screen version of the enduring game.

Like Goosebumps, Dungeons and Dragons offers unlimited possibility, as the events of the game are dictated by a simple roll of the die, and no two adventures are the same. Players create their own characters in the action-fantasy world filled with orcs, wizards, dragons — you know, your usual Lord of the Rings-type stuff. With Goosebumps, Letterman proved himself to be quite skilled at shaping a story out of an open-ended, highly imaginative world, which makes him a solid pick for D&D.

David Leslie Johnson, best known for scripting Wrath of the Titans and The Conjuring 2, will write the screenplay for the new Dungeons and Dragons movie in addition to scripting Aquaman for WB and James Wan. It’s not clear when the studio hopes to get the project into production, as Letterman is also expected to return for the upcoming Goosebumps sequel.

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