Bangor residents and businesses come together and make magic happen at Kiwanis Park.

The City of Bangor posted this heart-felt thank you on their facebook page Wednesday morning,

Thank you, Two-Cam McLaren, Tony Keeton, and Louie Bregger, for fixing the Kiwanis Park footbridge over the weekend. Two-Cam worked with Modern Woodman and Lander's Hardware and was able to get all of the materials donated! Two-Cam, Regina Hoover, Arthur Serratos, James Slates, and Helene Rivers all volunteered on Monday and cleaned up Lion's Park. They worked hard clearing brush and sand off of the walkways and picked up trash. Thanks to each of you for helping to make our parks a nice place to visit! Your volunteerism is greatly appreciated!!

Many of the locals are ready hit the park and enjoy this much anticipated warm weather that we thought would never come.  In fact, someone mentioned kayaking in the comments on their facebook page.  I'm loading up my life jacket and I'm on my way!


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