Kid Rock stayed true on a promise to drop new music at midnight Friday (July 14). The rap-rock, country singer released videos for "Po-Dunk" and "Greatest Show on Earth."

Of the two, "Po-Dunk" seems aimed at the country format. His new record deal with BMG/Broken Bow Records allows him room to pursue airplay at all sorts of radio stations (or none, as he indicated the deal is far from the norm) and this four-and-a-half-minute tribute to life in the deepest parts of the rural America feels like one a country fan may celebrate.

The music video is slightly NSFW, and his lyrics add a few four-letter words you may not say in front of Mama. Bibles, guns, truck bed swimming pools, trailer parks and mud holes are a few of the images one sees in this clip. The song is a swampy, blues-country-rocker with an singalong chorus. It's a redneck anthem!

"That's po-dunk / Don't give a flying hillbilly f--k / I said po-dunk / Yard full of chickens and a barn full of drunks / Love us if you can / Sorry if you can't / Hollar if you is / Shut up if you ain't / Po-oh-oh-oh, po-dunk," Kid Rock sings during "Po-Dunk."

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The other song Kid Rock released on Friday is "Greatest Show on Earth." The music video was built from his live performances, and it's more of a rock song than a country song, but with this artist genres always seem to merge together at some point. The new music comes as the nation debates whether or not his run for U.S. Senate is real. Follow-up statements to his original confirmation that the Kid Rock for Senate website is real didn't really clarify much. In a recent Instagram post Rock both seemed passionate about politics and admitted he was doing some great marketing for the new music.

Both could be true. But at the very end of the "Greatest Show on Earth" music video the singer announces his 2018 Greatest Show on Earth Tour and asks "Are you scared?" The same verbiage is used on his Kid Rock for Senate website.

So ... Is Kid Rock Really Running for Senate?

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