Michigan native Kid Rock is proud of his home state. Here are his 8 'Most Michigan Lyrics.'

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After a visit to the Trump White House in April, it looks like Kid Rock may jump into politics full-time as a candidate for the U.S Senate in Michigan. Here's a look at his "Most Michigan Lyrics."

Note: These are Kid rock songs, so...um...language!

  • All Summer Long

    This Michigan Summer anthem is from the 'Rock & Roll Jesus' album.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "It was Summertime in Northern Michigan"

  • Baby Come Home

    After searching everywhere, Kid comes home and so does the girl.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "So I came home, home to Detroit City"

  • Devil Without A Cause

    Kid Rock backed up the boasts from the title track of his 1998 breakthrough album. Along the way he mentions "The D," Romeo, Joe C's hometown of Taylor and St. Clair Shores.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "Never fake, shake, straight from the Great Lakes"

  • I Am

    A mellow track from his self-titled 2003 project catalogs all that he is.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "I am Boston and D.C. and all of Detroit City"

  • Rock 'n' Roll Jesus

    The invocation is to "turn me up in the headphones."

    Most Michigan Lyric: "Like in old Mississippi's dirty cotton fields or in Detroit City's unforgotten wheels-
    it's the same song spinning but the same song's always been true"

  • Son of Detroit

    The title pretty much says it all.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "I'm a long-haired rock & roll redneck son of Detroit"

  • What I Learned Out on the Road

    The "bad mama jamma from Detroit City" sings about life on tour.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "From Detroit to New Orleans, I love the life but I never sold my soul. All them late nights, and early mornings- let me show you what I learned out on the road"

  • You Never Met A...

    Yes, this is heavily edited.

    Most Michigan Lyric: "But I'm Michigan boy can you feel that"

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