Kari Holmes & the Modern Day Drifters rocked The Dock at Bayview on April 9.

Photo: Bobby Guy

Kari Holmes was in our Kalamazoo Country studios in February for our local music feature "Sound Check" celebrating the signing of her record deal.

Saturday night I had the chance to see her and her band. The Modern Day Drifters, play at The Dock at Bayview. They played a nice variety of songs with William Shadrick and the other guys in the band occasionally stepping up to the microphone.

It is Kari's voice, however, that makes this band so great. Her tone is pure and clear and she sings without any affectation in a style that comes off as simple yet powerful. Having only heard Kari in the studio, I wondered if she might be overpowered by the boys in the band but that was not the case. The group worked some original songs into the show and they stood up against the titles everyone knows by heart.

Enjoy the photo gallery and be sure to see Kari Holmes & the Modern Day Drifters for yourself the next time she comes to our area.

Bonus Video: Kari Holmes on Sound Check