Though Kane Brown saw huge success from his self-titled debut album, he thinks the four additional tracks he's included on the deluxe edition make the project even more dynamic.

Brown recorded four new songs for the release: "What's Mine Is Yours," "Heaven," "Found You" and "Setting the Night on Fire," the latter of which is a duet with Chris Young. The young singer says he was eager to give fans new music, as he normally releases it pretty quickly and it had felt like an "eternity" since his album dropped. The new tracks were inspired by a variety of subjects, from his fiancee to a brokenhearted man ultimately finding love.

"I feel like they outdo most of the songs on the album, so I'm super excited about that," Brown says.. "I feel like they complement the album a lot and I feel like it's a new direction that I'm going with my music."


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But it's "Setting the Night on Fire" that Brown is particularly excited about. Firmly believing in the phrase "everything happens for a reason," Brown originally wanted to include the track, which he co-wrote with Young, on his debut album, but it didn't make the cut. But when the opportunity to duet with Young presented itself, he knew there was a reason the song had to wait its time.

"Chris is awesome ...He's got one of the best voices in Nashville," Brown says of the star. He compares "Setting the Night on Fire" to his collab with Lauren Alaina, the platinum-certified "What Ifs."

"I feel like she amplified the song — same way with Chris. I feel like he made the song better," Brown explains. The 23-year-old singer also credits the "Losing Sleep" hitmaker with helping him develop his sound, explaining how when he covers another artist's song, he tries to imitate them to match their range.

"I think Chris really helped me find my voice," he says, adding that he sang "Tomorrow" multiple times to get a feel for Young's voice. "So it just really helped me find my voice and how I wanted to sound."

The deluxe edition of Kane Brown is available now.

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