For years you might have thought of Grand Rapids as Michigan's Beer City but you're wrong.

Grand Rapids has been called "Michigan's beer city" for years. There are 18 breweries in the city, that's a lot but not enough. Why? well, let's take a closer look at both Kalamazoo and G.R. and compare the two cities.

Grand Rapids has 18 breweries while Kalamazoo has only 13. However, According to Wikipedia, Grand Rapids metro area has a population of 1,005,648. Kalamazoo's metro area has only 335,340. so of you want to follow beer rules and go by volume, that's .000018% for Grand Rapids and .000039 % for Kalamazoo (per capita).

Now, add to that the fact that of the top 5 nationally famous breweries in Michigan, Bell's in Kalamazoo is the largest and longest operating. While Founders in Grand Rapids is number 3 and founded in 1997, isn't even old enough to drink itself.

That is why Kalamazoo should be the REAL Beer City, Michigan.

What are your thoughts?

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