Police called to investigate loud kids give them a reason to make some noise as officer sinks a long-range shot.

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Often police are called to act as referees- this officer is a baller.

MLive reports Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety were called to Milwood Magnet School on a noise complaint. Six officers used the opportunity to try to build better relationships (and maybe show off a little). Instead of making a fast break when the cops showed up, the kids stayed around and talked. Instead of a lecture, it turned into a shootaround.

That's what it's all about, building relationships. The next time we come out, those young people can remember the officer and say, 'He did this with us. He's a good guy.'

-Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Captain Vernon Coakley via MLive

Watch as Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officer Brian Reidenbach sinks one from downtown. Nothing but net.

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