UPDATE (JULY 12): The crop designs posted by Aldean, Ballerini and Bryan, it was revealed today, were produced by Spotify Hot Country, in partnership with Nashville-based crop circles artist Stan Herd. The images of the three country stars are located in Lawrence, Kan., and took approximately one week each to create; they will last for about three weeks.

"I usually begin with a simple concept that speaks to what I believe in, and a statement that I think is important to make with my art," Herd explains of the process. "Country music grew out of the experience of working men and women with a true connection to the land and to United States history as it relates to and informs that cultural essence. It is called 'country music' because it is about a country or rural lifestyle that includes that agrarian connection."


ORIGINAL STORY: One un-captioned Instagram post of a country star's picture depicted in a cornfield might be a coincidence, but three means that something is definitely afoot. Over the course of July 10 and July 11, Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini and Luke Bryan all mysteriously began to post suspiciously similar photographs to their social media accounts, with no clues as to what it all might mean.

Aldean was the first of the three to post an image, which shows a birds-eye view of the country star, guitar in hand, drawn into a cornfield. Next, Ballerini, shared a similar shot, captioned simply "...". Bryan chimed in on Wednesday (July 11) with a photo of his own, which was as similar in style and subject matter as it was in opacity. While the country stars aren't revealing what the pattern means, fans have no shortage of guesses.

As reported by Nash Country Daily, some suspect that the pattern may mean that Aldean and Ballerini plan to make appearances at Bryan's 2018 Farm Tour, which is set to take place on September 27-29 and October 4-6. However, both country stars are booked for performances of their own during those dates, Ballerini on Keith Urban's 2018 Graffiti U World Tour and Aldean for his own headlining dates.

All three artists have had a busy summer so far, with plenty of developments, both personal and professional. Ballerini's run with Urban is well underway, and Aldean will juggles his concert schedule with preparations for the arrival of a second baby with his wife, Brittany Kerr. Meanwhile, Bryan has announced that he will join the growing list of country stars who have opened a bar with his own project, Luke's 32 Bridge Food + Drink, which is scheduled to open sometime in July.

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