Jason Aldean has never been an artist who puts much of his personal life into his music. While "You Make it Easy," the love-struck first single off his upcoming album, Rearview Town, might bear some resemblance to his relationship with his wife, Brittany Kerr, Aldean didn't write the track; rather, he chooses which songs based on what he thinks is great music, not what he thinks is representative of his own life.

If you've been following the country star's Instagram, you might think his well-documented domestic bliss -- Aldean and Kerr celebrate their third wedding anniversary on March 21, 2018, and welcomed their first child, Memphis, last December -- is cute enough to warrant an exception. However, Memphis didn't really influence the music on Rearview Town, Aldean said in a recent press conference.

"I'm not really that guy. I don't feel that I've got to cut an 'I just had a baby' song just because I just had a baby," the singer explains. "If something really cool came along, and I thought it was great, [then I'd cut it] -- like "Boy," the Lee Brice song, for example. If that song had been pitched to me, I'd think it was a great song. I'd probably cut it whether I'd just had a boy or not."

While his family may not directly influence his music, Aldean is quick to gush about life with a new baby: "I love being a parent," he says. "I love everything about it. I wake up and can't wait to go get him out of bed and hang out in the morning."

In addition to Memphis, Aldean has two daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, from a previous marriage. Memphis is his first boy, and his first child with Brittany.

"My youngest daughter is 10, so it's been a minute since I've had a little one at the house," Aldean adds. "And I'm excited to have a boy. After all this time, and after honestly thinking I was probably done having kids, for him to come along is pretty cool."

For Aldean, another exciting aspect of the new addition to his family has been seeing his wife experience parenthood for the first time.

"She's a great mom," he says. "Her favorite thing is bath time. She would give him five baths a day just because she likes to see him in the tub. He likes getting baths, anyway. That's their little special part of the day."

Aldean and Kerr got married on March 21, 2015, in Mexico. They celebrated their third anniversary on Wednesday.

"I hate to sound like a Hallmark card, but we truly are best friends," Aldean comments. "We do everything together. She's on the road with me; I don't like being out there unless she's out. We're kind of inseparable, and I like it that way. It's cool when you can be married to someone who you're truly best friends with. That makes it fun, and makes it the way it's supposed to be."

A Look Back at Jason Aldean + Brittany Kerr's Relationship

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