I think we can all agree that pizza is no doubt one of the best foods there is. It is my life goal to try as many different pizza places out as possible before I kick it. That being said there is a pizza place that was founded in Illinois and grew in Wisconsin that was supposedly going to be coming to Kalamazoo, but never happened.

At least that’s what the company originally wanted, but instead, a location opened up near Grand Rapids. Back in 2010, Scott Iversen, who was the Director of Franchise Development, wanted to target areas that had a large population of college-aged people from 18 to 25.

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Kalamazoo is one of those places that we feel could be a home run for a Toppers franchisee. Kalamazoo has some very good demographics. It’s a great time because there are great real estate spots available. Construction costs are down. Commodities costs are down. There’s prime real estate available.


So What Happened?


All that clearly means Kalamazoo fit the bill especially since he said that Kalamazoo had some very good demographics. As they indicated, Happy's Pizza has been a staple off Westnedge since opening up shortly after they put this feeler out for a Kalamazoo location.

But it just never panned out and now we are left to wonder if it’s ever going to happen after all. 13 years is a long time to go after announcing you wanted to open a franchise in the area without actually following through. So we may just have to continue to commute to Wayland to try some of this pizza.

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