Love is in the air all around the country as we get closer to Valentine's Day. Aisles at all the box stores are lined with pink and red decorations, chocolates and candy, flowers, hearts, and all that lovey-dovey goodness.

Except, in some states, like Michigan, those displays of love may be under false pretenses. Research has shown that Michigan, is among the top states in the country to search for, and file for divorce.

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Law Firm Schmidt & Clark, who handles national family law in the United States, compiled data ahead of Valentine's Day and shared insight to find that Michigan ranks fifth when it comes to divorce searching.

Their research identified families where the couples were in their most and least happy relationships, and analyzed more than 300,000 searches for divorce. Turns out, Michigan residents are looking for an "official separation" at a rate that is fifth-highest in the United States.

"The state (Michigan) averaged 128 searches per 100k residents around divorce, which is 27% more than the national average of 101."

Michigan wasn't first, obviously, falling behind Tennessee, who has 141 searches per 100k people, Georgia was next, Mississippi after that, and South Carolina in 4th. Right behind Michigan, though, was Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, and then Missouri to round out the top 10 most states.

Which States Showed the Most Love?

Actually, the states who are the happiest in their marriages seem to be some of the most isolated in the country. Alaska ranks first with only 52 searches for divorce per 100k. They're followed by South Dakota, Hawaii, Idaho, and North Dakota to round out the Top 5.

And while we see divorce as something of a sad, and unromantic element to a relationship, representatives of Schmidt & Clark say it's not as bad as it could be.

"As stores fill up with cards and presents for Valentine's Day, and we become surrounded by romance, couples can start to question the spark in their own relationships.
"Whilst it can be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to your partner how much you love them and get the two of you back on track, it's also important not to feel pressured into forcing a relationship and do what's best for you."

They added that divorce in toxic relationships can also aid in personal growth, allowing the individual to focus on self-care like exercising, eating, and sleeping right, which is often forgotten during times of conflict.

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