The Detroit Mercy Titans men's basketball team is in bad ways, and if they keep with the current trend this season, they may soon become the worst team in the history of Michigan sports. Currently this season as of February 9th, they are 0-25 on the season and may not win a single game. This isn't to say there is no hope, or the Titans themselves could be the worst team, but the current roster is now facing that reality.

With only 6 games left in the season, they're still looking for their first win and will get their final chance if all other games fail, against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies on March 2nd. But throughout Michigan sports history, there have been some pretty crappy teams, but this one is making the Pistons' current embarrassing season look not so bad.

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There have been some bad teams in Michigan history like the 2019-2020 Detroit Red Wings Team, who finished their season with a 17-49-5 record, totaling 39 points. Then the legendary 2008 Detroit Lions team, who although were the pre-season champs at 4-0, lost every regular season game.

Hell, even the 2023/2024 Pistons are having one of the worst seasons ever, and the 2003 Tigers went 43-119, so these kinds of seasons can happen, but it's still pretty bad.

The University of Detroit Mercy's NCAA Division I men's basketball team has 6 more chances to avoid the title of the worst D1 basketball team in history. By even winning one game, at least it saves you from having the unfortunate label in the history books of being called "winless."

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