There is one police department in the state of Michigan that is well known for their jokes and they’re clowning around on social media, just to keep things a little lighthearted in a job that can see some pretty bad things.

One of the more well-known disputes was when Game of Thrones was ending and they canceled all crime in the city. Another Police Department in Michigan figuratively fired back at them online, to which Bath City Police Department urged residents to relocate their crime to their area. So that will give you a pretty good understanding of how they like to have fun. Recently they put out a warning for those who hate fireworks, light off fireworks, and record fireworks, in true fashion:
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You Know This Happens Every Year

There’s nothing we can or want to do to stop them. They are awesome. We understand some people have dogs and personal issues with the noise. Before 11:45 PM we cannot legally do anything about it.


EVERY year someone loses a hand. Don’t be that guy. Drinking and fireworks might be fun... until you lose a couple of digits and can’t tell your friends “Peace Out” or flip off your ex when you see them at Walmart. JK we know you guys don’t do that.

ENOUGH of These

No one. And I really mean no one... wants to tap through 21 minutes of grainy Snapchat videos of fireworks. Just sit back and enjoy the show.
Just as a reminder, fireworks are legal from now through the 4th of July, every day until 11:45PM. Noise-cancelling headphones may come in huge. They do make a great point about lighting off fireworks though. If you clown around and act like a fool, you'll walk in like Carl Weathers in Rocky 4 in the red white & blue, but you'll be leaving like Chubbs in Happy Gilmore.

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