A recent study dropped exposing the most selfie-obsessed states in America.  You might find the top 2 spots hilarious.

It's important to note that this is far from a scientific study.  SpinBet recently crunched the numbers on how often each state mentioned the word selfie online.  With that in mind, selfie-obsessed include people who take too many selfies and the people complaining about them.  I expected California to be number 1 and New York to be number 2.  However, Florida and Texas had other plans.  I think the real news here is Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.  Below you'll find the 10 most selfie-obsessed states in America along with the number of times the word selfie was mentioned online.

Side note: You'll want to scroll down to the dog selfies at the bottom.  You're welcome.

10 Most Selfie-Obsessed States in America for 2024

  • 10 Virginia - 22,000
  • 9 Michigan - 25,000
  • 7 Ohio (tie) - 33,000
  • 7 Pennsylvania (tie) - 33,000
  • 6 Georgia - 36,000
  • 5 Illinois - 41,000
  • 4 New York - 99,000
  • 3 California - 102,000
  • 2 Texas - 109,000
  • 1 Florida - 123,000
Detroit Lions at Ford Field
TSM: Dana Marshall

Floridians mentioned the word selfie so much online that they tripled number 5, Illinois.  It's worth mentioning that taking selfies in the wrong places can be against the law and even dangerous.

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Selfie, South Haven
Dana Marshall

The SpinBet Selfie Study Methodology according to PetaPixel.com

Spinbet analyzed posts from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube.  The company then used the social media listening tool Brandwatch to observe the U.S. states where Americans were taking photos and sharing selfies the most across the country.


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