It's not what was stolen in this Cleveland heist, it's what the thief left behind that has law enforcement scratching their heads.

I recently wrote a story about how a large amount of people are sporting Bigfoot statues on their property in the tiny village of Decatur, Michigan.  Apparently, those may be in high demand in Ohio as well as one was recently reported stolen.  This 17-inch Bigfoot statue was reportedly stolen either late Wednesday night (November 8th), or early the next morning.  But the theft of the Bigfoot statue is not even in the ballpark of the strangest part of this story according to,

Security video showed a man parking a vehicle outside Bazah Home Arts and taking the statue. He waited 15 minutes, then placed two envelopes where the statue had been. Then the man drove away.

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It's not every day that a criminal leaves some sort of trade or payment behind for their theft.  But on this day, the Cleveland Bigfoot nabber left an envelope containing $6 and another envelope with a blue marble inside.

One of the envelopes contained $6 in cash. The other contained a blue marble.  There is no update at this time from law enforcement.  There is no indication that they have any leads on this strange case.  It's highly unlikely that this small theft is a high priority.  It's the blue marble for me.  Why?  Just why?

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