Wintertime can be one of the coziest times of the year. Here in Michigan we certainly have a lot of cozy time to enjoy, that is if you just enjoy. I know, the cold, the clouds, and the lack of sunshine can really put a damper on the winter season, but you have to make the most of what we have. And, according to the website My Dating Advisor, we're lucky to have some of the coziest small towns in America!

No, we're not number one, which turns out to be Stockholm, Wisconsin for what it has to offer, but, hey, close behind at number nine in America is Mackinac Island! 


Here is what they had to say about Mackinac Island:

The city of Mackinac Island encompasses the entire island, though most of the protected land is managed by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission. Thanks to its famous fudge shops, horse-drawn carriages, and gorgeous natural surroundings, it’s a long-beloved vacation spot. The town is perhaps most famous for the iconic Grand Hotel, and the island has been car-free since 1898.


Not far behind was Saugatuck at number 14, which they describe as:

A place with award-winning beaches to scenic waterways and grassy dunes, from a thriving art scene born from creative, open-minded culture to a culinary landscape that’s become world-renowned—this is a one-of-a-kind place where people long to stay.


And, that's not all. South Haven was ranked at 59th, Traverse City at 60th, Houghton at 77th, and Holland at 107.


City of Holland/Facebook
City of Holland/Facebook

So, how did Michigan cities make the list? compared 170 well-known small towns for weather, food, activities, and friendliness. Then their mathematical whiz-kids used their formulas to calculate some sort of score, and presto, the Top Coziest Small Towns in America!

Cup of tea in woman's hands sitting near fireplace
Polina Lebed/Getty Images

So, let's enjoy this winter in Michigan. Drink some hot chocolate, sit by a fireplace, read a book, enjoy warm meals, visit one of our coziest small towns, and curl up with someone special under a warm blanket.

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