Years ago, Adam Richmond made food challenges famous as he went all around the continental United States trying to finish and beat as many of the country's biggest and most famous food challenges. Now, the food-challenge lifestyle has become a phenomenon that many people have become attracted to, taking their talents and efforts worldwide.

There are professional and challenge eaters all over the world including some from the Southwest Michigan area, spending thousands of dollars to travel and take on the best food challenges the Earth has to offer. At one point I had dreams of taking down food challenges but there were never any in the area for me to try so that dream died out. Now, Benny Dicarta's is in town and they have a 28" pizza challenge that people travel the world to try.

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Randy Santel is a professional and challenge eater from St. Louis Missouri who travels the world demolishing some of the best and largest food challenges known to man. He uploads his quest to YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook whether he succeeds or not he shows people what it's like to eat tons of food. One of Randy's recent challenges brought him to the west side of the Mitten State for pizza and beer.

As you can see in the video above, Randy Santel sits down at Benny Dicarta's in Kalamazoo Michigan as he attempts to take down an entire 28" cheese pizza which he would be allotted 28 minutes to eat the entire thing to earn a $100, a sweet t-shirt, and a spot on the wall of fame. If an amateur eater was to accomplish the same feat they would receive $280, a sweet t-shirt, and a spot on the wall of fame.

The challenge is not free as you do have to purchase the giant pizza which is $40 but it's all about winning and earning your money back (plus some!) and bragging rights forever. Randy Santel is one of many who was able to take down this behemoth of a pie in just 25 minutes and 50 seconds, earning him a spot on the wall of fame!

Do you think you could take down a 28" pizza from Benny Dicarta's and earn yourself $280, a t-shirt, and a spot on the wall of fame?

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