I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that Michigan would have a city on the drunkest cities list, honestly many people probably believe that we have more than one city on this list, and I couldn't agree more. The state of Michigan is littered with breweries, wineries, distilleries, and other businesses known for making their own beer, wine, and other alcohols.

Especially here in Kalamazoo, it seems like everywhere you turn there is a distillery or brewery opening up or putting out a new batch of flavored beer, ales, stouts, IPA's and more to fill their customer's thirst for more. So, that got me thinking, which city in Michigan drinks the most, because Kalamazoo, the birthplace of Bell's Brewery has to be near the top right. I couldn't have been more wrong when I saw this city come up as the drunkest city in the state of Michigan.

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This time the west side of the state gets to rejoice and point the finger over at those on the east side of the state who swear its just amazing over there. The drunkest city in the state belongs to an east side city and they take the cake by a mile. The drunkest city in the mitten is Bay City, now I don't know much about Bay City but there must not be too much to do there if all they do is drink.

247wallst.com made a list of the drunkest cities in each state and used the metrics of adults who excessively drink, countywide driving deaths that involve alcohol, and the population. There has to be champion of everything and Bay City decided they would be the state's drinking champions, so how did they stack up when going through the metrics?

Bay (Beer) City

  •  Adults who drink excessively: 23.8% (Statewide: 20.1% – 12th highest)
  • Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol: 28.3% (Statewide: 29.2% – 24th highest)
  • Bay City population: 102,821

The state of Michigan as a whole has a ton of drinkers as you can see, we are in the top half of states for each of these drinking categories. Meaning that we are drinking more than most other states are and are also getting in more accidents while intoxicated. WE may have a real issue with drinking and I encourage everyone to drink responsibly, and just know, that you will get drunk in Bay City.

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