For some people getting a chance to be romantically involved with their teacher may be one of their wildest dreams or just seen as a lucky experience of life, but for others this could be one of their worst nightmares or become a traumatic event that they'll never forget. In the eyes of the law, whether the student wanted to expand the parameters of their relationship, or the teacher made it happen, it's wrong and could result in jail time and other repercussions.

We have seen the stories about teachers coming on to students all the time, whether it started as simple question about schoolwork to them just deciding to pick them out of a crowd and go for it, it's a terrifying thing for all parents to think of. Although, when it hits close to home, that's when things change, like for some parents and students in the Lansing, Michigan area who have allegedly been dealing with this issue recently.

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Facebook has been great for keeping family members and old friends updated on your current life happenings and your kids' latest achievements, but it can also be one of the best and quickest ways to inform others of important news. Those in the Lansing area have chosen Facebook and other social media platform as a means to make everyone aware of the potential actions of a possible dangerous individual until the authorities can do something.

The Facebook post above is focused on a teacher who lives in Perry, Michigan and works at Bath Middle School right outside of Lansing. There are screenshots and other pictures that show what the accused educator's appearance looks like and the alleged inappropriate communication and actions that he's had with minors.

Those who have posted these pictures and screenshots says that the teacher was communicating that he wanted to both discipline and be disciplined by a 14- or 15-year-old student. It's also said that he wanted to wear a leash and be on all fours, now the important part is that all of this only alleged and hasn't been proven yet, so as of now he's not guilty but everyone should be aware of the allegations.

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