WWMT News Channel 3 of the Sinclair Broadcast Group is the main source of information pertaining to news and other important information to know about Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas. As we grow up watching their faces tell us about our community and interact with them in public, we gain a connection.

This connection persists and grows into a sense of belonging where both the anchor feels accepted by the city and the city feels like the anchor belongs to the community and is doing a great job providing the news. After falling in love with these anchors, it's tough to see them leave.

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Many news anchors either start their careers in Kalamazoo or use WWMT as a stepping stool to continue to progress within their careers. With that being said, Kalamazoo has gotten used to the carousel of reporters that seem to be walking and exiting the revolving door at alarming numbers.

David Bailey recently left the company as well but we couldn't find any updated information on him and what he's up to now, but with a couple of other anchors leaving the station recently, let's take a look at some of our favorite anchors of recent and where they are now post-WWMT.

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