A longtime server at Theo & Stacy's got the biggest tip of her life when diners dropped $1,000 extra on a $70 tab.

It's the Christmas story of a few guys who went out to eat with nothing but good intentions. Mike "Tonto" Alexander says he had heard about an incident where a group of guys who each tossed in a hundred bucks to give a server a $1,000 tip and decided to try it with his friends. "None of us are going to miss that $100, but whoever gets that $1,000, it'll have a nice impact on them."

WWMT.com tells us how the story unfolded:

Seven men, led by Alexander, sat down and had breakfast at Theo & Stacy's on that slow Monday morning. They paid their $70 tab and waited until Mary came back with their change to give her a tip. But the tip didn't come from the few dollars and cents Mary handed them.

Instead, Alexander pulled out a red envelope from his pocket.

"Mary, you'd probably like this tip a lot better.... Merry Christmas!" Alexander said to Lively.

"Who's this from? You guys? I'm.. umm... breathless," Lively said as she stood in shock.

The holiday spirit is alive and well in Kalamazoo.

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