Family Feud producers are holding auditions for the game show in Detroit. We think Kalamazoo should be a category Steve Harvey is asking questions about.

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Top 5 Things Made in Kalamazoo

  • 1

    Gibson Guitars

    Gibson Guitars was founded in Kalamazoo in 1902. Operations have since moved to Memphis but Heritage still carries on the tradition.

  • 2

    Craft Beer

    The nationwide success of Bell's Brewing Company has seen many more microbreweries sprout up since its establishment in 1985. Kalamazoo knows beer.

  • 3

    Checker Cab

    The most iconic taxi company, Checker Cab, had its headquarters in Kalamazoo until they put the company in park in 2009.

  • 4


    Pharmaceutical manufacturing company Upjohn has called Kalamazoo home since 1886 and is now part of the Pfizer Corporation.

  • 5

    Kalamazoo Mall

    The historic Kalamazoo pedestrian mall was the first of its kind in the entire United States- no city had one prior to 1959.