This past weekend I took a trip down to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to visit family and while I was there I visited the Stones River National Battlefield. This Civil War battlefield was home to a battle which took place between December 31st, 1862- January 2nd, 1863. The battle proved to be a significant victory for the Union Army, with both armies losing 1/3 of its soldiers.

While on my walk of this amazing site, I recognized a familiar object that made me feel like I was home again, a Michigan Historical Marker. The marker was erected in 1966 and dedicated to Michigan and " her brave and courageous sons who fought at Stones River to preserve the Union."

On the back was listed all the regiments, a dedication to the 71 Michiganders who gave their lives, and all Michigan men who fought. Such an amazing find.

TSM Mark Frankhouse

While visiting the cemetery I paid my respects by placing a heads up penny on the grave of Michigan soldier, Albert Johnson, Corporal of the 29th Infantry who passed away September 6th, 1965.

TSM Mark Frankhouse