Calling it "Operation Polar Patrol," the Holland Department of Public Safety has added an ice cream truck to their fleet of  police vehicles.

Whether someone screams "HELP POLICE," or we all scream for ice cream, the Holland, Michigan Police Department can answer the call.

Operation Polar Patrol was Sgt. Larry Matzen's idea and he tells WOOD TV-8 “I was kind of laughed at”  His mullet-like description of the vehicle gave me a chuckle: "I wanted it to be a little more  business in the front, and then, not, you know, not your typical ice cream truck in the back." Party in the back, dude, 'business in the front, party in the back.'

Officers secured private donations for the push ups, drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches the truck will stock and plans to give the frozen treats out for free during several  appearances over the Summer. No word on what they will do with the vehicle for the 10 months of Winter weather we get in Michigan. Perhaps they can retool it to work on cold cases?

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