One of the creepiest urban legends in the state of Michigan takes place at this bridge.  Join us at Hell's Bridge if you dare.

The legend of Elias Friske dates back to the mid 1800's.  Multiple children of this small Michigan town just North or Grand Rapids started vanishing.  Everyone then decided to leave their children with a nice old man named Elias while they searched for the missing kids.  According to,

Elias agreed and told the search party he would take the children on a picnic, near the Rogue River. Elias explained that if the search party came back with bodies in tow, the children would be away and spared the horror.

Elias tied rope around each child's waist, creating a human chain that Elias led. 'We don't want to loose anymore,' Elias jokingly said. The children waved their tiny hands as they watched their parents head off in the opposite direction. Elias began their march into the woods.

What Elias did next is horrifying.  You can read the whole story by clicking here.

Interested in grabbing a couple friends and checking out Hell's Bridge as the sun goes down?  It's surprisingly easy to find.

Grab your rope and head North on US 131 from Kalamazoo.  You'll get off at Exit 97 and turn left.  You'll then turn right on Algoma Road and then another right on on 12 Mile Rd.  Then about 100 yards down you'll turn left on Friske Drive.  Pull into the little "turnaround" on the right.  You'll walk down the trail for about 4 minutes before you arrive at the bridge.

Be careful!  The bridge is barely hanging on.
Be courteous!  People do live VERY close to that bridge.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall



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