I've heard it almost my entire adult life. People referring to me and my friends as Millennials. I never really understood why I was being grouped in with a bunch of people who the older generations label as being "lazy, entitled, snowflake, whiny kids who want everything handed to them." I was born in 85'. I've never been gift-wrapped' anything. I've always worked for what I have. Sure, I had good parent that provided for me, but they were and are extremely hard workers.

Well now it looks like we've finally been redeemed! Those who were born between 77' and 85' are now considered to be called "Xennials." As wokesloth.com states:

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 and Gen-Xers were born between 1965 and 1980. The term ‘Xennial’ to describe the generation on the cusp of the two first appeared in GOODmagazine as a way to define the older Millennials who shared a different experience than the rest of the generation growing up. Xennials had an analog childhood before riding the digital wave into the 21st century. Xennials were fully aware of the shifting technological landscape, going from a time when the internet didn’t exist, to suffering through the dial-up era, to embracing the latest social media platforms. They were also in early adulthood during the September 11th terrorist attacks, while many Millennials were still in elementary and high school.

So I guess some of us can take comfort knowing we don't have a negative label on us anymore. What about you? Are you now a Xennial? A/S/L?



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