In radio, we never get a snow day.  Someone's got to get here to tell you to stay there.

The drive in this morning was rewarded with a new Keurig!

Truly liquid joy!
Truly liquid joy!

To best understand why this is so exciting, you've got to understand how bad the old coffee-maker was.  It was a Bunn left over from the Nixon administration when men were much more manly than we are today and not only drank their joe strong and black, they chewed the grounds.

If you lost a bet at the radio station, you had to drink an entire cup of the ink.

Words like "viscosity" and "octane" were used as we debated whether battery acid would beat our brew in the Pepsi Challenge.  Varnish remover may have scored higher.

So, if I'm talking a little fast the next time you tune in Great Country 102.5 for the Morning Drive, feel free to drop me a note and recommend your favorite decaffeinated K-cup flavor.


(They don't really make those, do they?)

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