Garth Brooks didn't just get his latest Platinum album while on 'Today' Thursday (Jan. 8), he also had a little fun. He tested his country music IQ against Hoda Kotb, and you'd be surprised what happened.

The two went head to head in a little game called All About Country. After telling Kotb he'd be watching out for her cheating ways, Brooks dedicated the game in a beautiful way.

"Right now, Nashville is celebrating the life and times of Little Jimmy Dickens," he starts. "So they're all gathering around. We lost a hero and a legend but, like Elvis, they live forever ... When you talk about All About Country, nobody better than him to dedicate to. He'd love this."

Well said, Mr. Brooks. The two started the game shortly after, and their answers would surprise you. Although they only answered a few questions about the country genre, a few of them were pretty tricky. Neither contestant got the first question right -- youngest country artist to ever win a Grammy. When Kotb couldn't answer it correctly, Brooks was a gentleman and repeated her answer, too, so she "wouldn't feel alone."

Brooks kept his buzzer hand calm, not even hitting the button for one question until Kotb helped him along. There was one question, though, that may have Brooks a little in the doghouse. He couldn't answer a big question about his wife, Trisha Yearwood. Even though Brooks didn't win the competition, he sure looked like he was having fun (his nickname for Yearwood was also revealed -- and it's adorable!). Watch the trivia competition above.

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