Garth Brooks has nearly 90 songs that have charted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, including 35 Top 10 hits and 19 No. 1 singles. Which is his all-time best? This list of Garth Brooks singles — ranked worst to first — makes a case for more than 50 that he officially released to radio.

You might be able to guess No. 1. It was, after all, his biggest song of all time. His songs with lyrical integrity consistently get the benefit of the doubt over more frivolous jams on this ranking of the Hall of Famer's music. It's not that we didn't like his Aerosmith cover, it's just that it didn't quite compare to standards like "The River," "Shameless," "Standing Outside the Fire" or the timeless "Friends in Low Places."

We used critical acclaim, chart position, lasting relevance and fan response to craft this list of Brooks' hits, ranked. Songs he continues to perform live have an advantage, but so do the many lesser-known hits requested during his crowd participatory encore — something he calls "housekeeping."

Feel free to debate our list in the comments. Over time we'll curate to swap or replace hits with newer material. We hear Brooks is indeed working on his next project. Perhaps one of this future Garth singles can replace the song we chose for No. 1?

Garth Brooks Songs Ranked Worst to First:

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