Don't be scared, Fish Fly season is starting.

Fish Flies get a bad name, but they are harmless, help the environment and are a sign that our Great Lakes are healthy!

Growing up on the water, I actually look forward to Fish Fly Season because in some way they adorable. Yet, I must admit I do hate the crunch sound they make when you step on them or drive over them. talked with Mike Thomas, a research biologist at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and he explained the start of a Fish Flies life...

“A portion of the insect's life is spent in the lake, burrowing in the bottom sediment of the lake, and they are in that form for up to two years,” he explained. “And then they mature, emerge from the bottom of the lake and come to the surface, and the larval stage transforms into the adult—that's the winged stage.”

So even though they are around, we don't see them till the end of their life span.

Here Are Some Facts About Fish Flies That Just May Change Any Negative Thoughts You Have About Them

  • Fish Flies are gentle.
  • Fish Flies are a great food source for yellow perch bass and Walleye. Not to mention they are a tasty fest for birds.
  • A Fish Flies life span is anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Fish Flies exist only to mate
  • Fish Flies are a sign of a healthy marine ecosystem.
  • Outside of Michigan Fish Flies are referred too as May Flies.
  • Fish Flies do NOT bite, because they do not have mouths.
  • Fish Flies season starts in mid-June and peaks in late June/July.
  • Fish Flies are attracted to light, so keep lights low, to keep the Fish Flies away.

So, never fear the Fish Fly and if you look close they are kind of cute!

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