Filmore's single slower fuses traditional country with pop-country, his energetic voice pairing with the plucking of a banjo as he sings about not wanting a special night to end. “Let's make this night move a little bit slower, girl / And take another lap around this old town / And let the radio take us where we wanna to go," Filmore sings. "Get a little closer on the side of the road, somewhere where we know nobody's watching / Get this world revolving a little bit slower.”

Filmore co-wrote "Slower" with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach in the fall of 2017. Below, he recalls to The Boot how the song came to be.

I wrote the song in September of 2017, with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach, at his studio in the Word Country [offices in Nashville]. It was one of those days where we went back and forth on a bunch of ideas until we landed on the idea of “Slower.”

As we talked about the idea, it was easy to find inspiration from each one of our lives and the experiences we have all had, just wanting to slow a night down and take in all the good times. As we nailed down the melodies and lyrics, the big part we all fell in love with was the long, dramatic, slow-down cadence that leads into every chorus. From that point, we finished the rest of the song that afternoon, then added tweaks to [the] lyrics and vibe over the next few weeks.

The demo we made was super close to the way the final product turned out. Little tweaks and sounds / instrumental parts [that] came later all added elements that comprise the final sound. The cool part was bringing in my band that tours on the road with me and having them play on the record.

Looking back on the process, just the title of the song really brought out exactly what I wanted to say with this song. So making it a single came naturally ...

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