Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old from Portage, Mich. was tragically killed in New York City's Times Square on Thursday, May 18 when a car crashed down a sidewalk, mowing down pedestrians as it went. A makeshift memorial has been set up in Times Square, where many have stopped to leave messages, flowers, and more.

One of the messages, a letter in a frame and draped in a rosary, is from Alyssa's father, and it's truly heartbreaking. Gothamist reports that the letter, signed simply "Dad", was written by Thomas Elsman.

The letter is not just one written to his daughter, Elsman also addresses the people of New York City, thanking them for their love and support.

Elsman also reminded folks who were reading the letter that 20 other people, including his younger daughter, were injured in the crash.

Addressing Alyssa directly, Elsman wrote:

I have a hole in my heart that can never be filled. My world changed when you came into it and it is unexplainable with you leaving it. I love you kid. Just no words <3 Love you love you love you


Richard Rojas, the man who was driving the vehicle that killed Alyssa Elsman, admitted to smoking marijuana laced with PCP prior to the incident. He is charged with second-degree murder, 20 counts of second-degree attempted murder, and five counts of aggravated vehicular homicide.

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