Watch first-person video and be a part of the procession as hundreds showed up to ride the streets of Kalamazoo to remember and honor the 5 cyclists killed in Cooper Township on June 7. 

One day after the devastating news of 9 cyclists struck by a hit-and-run driver just north of Kalamazoo, hundreds came together for a ride of silence.

Cyclists of all ages gathered with bikes ranging from off-the-rack specials to customs worth thousands of dollars. A sea of jerseys of every color under the rainbow was spotted with favorite t-shirts. Tonight, was no competition, the entire crowd was one.

The idea came together when Shiela Wood, a Gull Lake Schools teacher who knew some of the victims called Arcadia Ales to ask if they would host the ride. Kalamazoo Police escorted the overwhelming field of bikes on the 5 mile route.

I was one of the hundreds who showed up. Watch my exclusive video and ride along with the somber, silent procession. All you will hear is the wind.

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