Can you help uncover the history of this antique advertisement clock that sits in the Paw Paw Village Hall. 

If you have ever been inside the village hall in Paw Paw, Michigan, either to pay a bill or ask a question. You may have seen this clock hanging just inside the front door. I asked the Vanished Paw Paw Facebook community if they knew the history and these were the answers I got.

Ron Packer-  Probably from the longwell building


Susan Burger Erion-  longwell's grocery store was the second store from the Mich ave, Kzoo street sw corner--vacant for some time...was Simcox at one time plus a record shop and other minimal ventures.

So there is still some mystery to this clock. Check out this gallery and tell me if you discover anything about it's history or any of the ads in it.

BONUS VIDEO: Paw Paw's Maple Lake in the fall of 2016


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