It seems that Michigan has a bit of everything, including it's very own version of Bigfoot and he can be found right here in Southwest Michigan. 

The Michigan Bigfoot, also known as The Dewey Lake Monster or The Sister Lakes Sasquatch. According to Wikipedia,

The beast had already been known to locals in the area for several years prior to the June 1964 events and was rumored to dwell primarily along a 15-mile stretch of swamp-land extending from Dowagiac/Sister Lakes toward Decatur, Michigan (along Dewey Lake Street); however, in 1964 it gained national attention in the United States after several notable attacks and sightings prompted investigation by authorities, which in turn resulted in coverage by national newspapers and caused a flood of curious thrill-seekers and monster-hunters to besiege the local community in the summer of '64.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This area along the Northwest side of M-51 between Decatur and the closer town of Dowagiac is the Sister lakes area where it has been sighted. To this day, however, most of the people who had witnessed the beast choose not to speak about it. Here I found a news story on Dewey lake from WWMT.

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