What do moustaches, Hawaiian shirts, 80's TV, and baseball have in common? Not as much as you think! Especially for the Detroit Tigers, who kicked out a group of bachelor party guys dressed up like Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I. They took their tickets, and ejected them all from the game, amidst booing and jeering.

Maybe they thought their cosplay was bad?

Heck, they even kicked out the cardboard Magnum P.I. cutout they brought with them! They probably even paid for a ticket for it, too.

The group claims they were ejected because one guy was smoking and catcalling. So instead of the Tigers getting him to stop, the whole group was removed from the game.

I'm just amazing that they got 45 guys to dress up like Magnum P.I. for a bachelor party! It's like the groom didn't want ANY of them to have any chance of getting laid at his party...wait...maybe that was the whole plan!

Super sneaky.

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