There's a reason the Detroit Lions wear blue; it's depressing to be a longtime fan. Here are 5 reasons why.

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No, it's not a profane aphorism about good fortune, it means "Same Old Lions."

USA Today Sports has just published the most depressing stat for all 32 NFL teams. For the Detroit Lions, it is one singular playoff win since 1957. Seasoned fans know there are more reasons to be glum.


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    The Record

    Yes, only 1 playoff win since 1957 is depressing.

    What makes it even worse? The team has lost 10 post-season games since then.

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    The Superstars

    Barry Sanders, one of the all-time greats was not enough to elevate this team to the next level and Calvin Johnson will likely have more success on Dancing with the Stars then he did in Honolulu blue.

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    The Quarterbacks


    Scott Mitchell. Joey Harrington. Charlie Batch.

    For Peete's sake.

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    The Coaches

    Two words: Wayne Fontes.

    Wait, remember Marty Mornhinweg and the coin toss?

    Current coach Caldwell is showing promise with an 18-15 record but overall, the coaching staff has been lacking in leadership and failed to get the job done.

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    The Owners

    An outstanding coach like Steve Mariucci couldn't make any headway in Motown because his hands were tied by the Ford family.

    Don't even get me started on Matt Millen in the front office...