The injection of politics into football has been cancerous to NFL ratings. Detroit Lions' owner Martha Ford has the solution that every team in the league should adopt.

We're not going to cover the origin and the spread of the practice of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem- we're going to talk about a solution. The Detroit News reports Lions' owner Martha Ford has the key to getting past the distractions and on to things that matter. Things that matter to everyone: fans and players alike.

Here's the deal she is offering everyone on the roster of the Detroit Lions organization: "Stand respectfully as a team during the anthem and she would in turn donate to organizations that are addressing the issues of inequality and injustice that the players are protesting."

Talk radio host and Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley is making sense in addressing an issue that has caused emotions to flare. "Martha Ford is not bribing the players; she’s demonstrating both that she cares about their concerns and their livelihoods."

Sounds like a "win-win" situation, right? Do you think this will work at Ford Field in Detroit and across the National Football League?

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