An article published on MIBiz on Sunday says the Michigan Department of Transportation has cut a deal with the City of Kalamazoo giving the city control of portions of some of it's busiest streets.

Kalamazoo now has control of sections of Stadium Drive, Westnedge Avenue, Park Street, Michikal Street, King

Highway and M-43.-MIBiz

The article references an Upjohn Institute study that promotes two way streets in the downtown area. That may be on the agenda. And given the history and the vocal bicycle lobby locally, don't be surprised to see even more bicycle lanes everywhere.

A quote from Andrew Haan, the president of the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership makes that prospect almost inevitable: “A lot of people think about cycling improvements because people want to, on nice days, ditch their car and ride their bike to work,” he said. “Well, there’s people who only have a bike, and they need a safe way to get to work or to the store.”

As part of the deal, MDOT will give Kalamazoo $11 million for maintenance of the streets it's taking over.




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