Carrie Underwood fell taking her dogs outside to use the bathroom. The "Cry Pretty" singer shares a story that is both innocent and frightening.

“I thought I just busted my lip when I walked inside," Underwood tells Sirius XM's the Highway on Wednesday (April 19). "I went to go survey the damage and was like, ‘Oh no!’”

The 35-year-old's broken wrist required a metal plate, and she needed 40 to 50 stitches to repair wounds to her face. The whole thing couldn't have been more unexpected. Underwood says had she fallen anywhere else in her house, she would have been fine. “I just fell down. I was taking the dogs out to go do their thing and I just got clumsy and I tripped,” she recalls. "I held onto the dog leashes in my left hand and went to catch myself with my right and just missed a step. There’s one lone step."

A chipped tooth and skin damage were the extent of her facial injuries. Speaking to Bobby Bones also on Wednesday, she says that when she wrote a letter to fans explaining that she might look different, she was still very unsure of the outcome. There's a scar that she covers in makeup — cement and spackling paste, she jokes — but she's also been "very fortunate in the healing process."

Emotionally, it has been difficult, however. It wasn't just facing fans, but her own son that made her anxious.

“I was worried he’d be scared of me," the superstar tells iHeartRadio's Bobby Bones Show. “Now, if I put makeup on, he’s like, ‘Mommy, your boo-boo is all gone.”

Underwood admits she was nervous to return to the spotlight at the 2018 ACM Awards, but she was nervous because she was debuting new music. If she created a ton of interest in what she looks like by her extended absence and guarded photos on social media, it was unintentional, she insists.

Pictures From Carrie's "Cry Pretty" ACMs Performance

She's okay talking about the accident, and probably isn't done — it has become part of her story. "I don't know if I'll ever be done talking about it, because it was an event in my life ... I'm okay talking about it," she tells Bones.

Underwood hinted in both interviews that a tour announcement will be coming — right now CMA Fest and WE Fest are the only dates on her calendar — and revealed that Thursday (April 19) is her parents 50th wedding anniversary. Underwood's surprise appearance came just one hour after she appeared on the Bobby Bones Show, a syndicated radio show that is also broadcasted out of Nashville.

Underwood's Cry Pretty album is coming in September — expect it to be "emotional," "real" and "soulful."

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