Carrie Underwood is expecting her second child, and the superstar singer says she's already trying to wrap her head around how that's going to work logistically on her upcoming tour.

The "Cry Pretty" singer announced her second pregnancy on Aug. 8, the same day she announced her upcoming 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360.

She tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper that she'll be headed straight to "working Momville" once the tour launches and she's on the road with both her baby and her son, Isaiah, and she knows it will be an experience unlike any other tour she's ever done. Underwood took Isaiah with her during her Storyteller Tour, but he was nearly a year old. Her second child will be an infant when she hits the road again in May of 2019.

"It's going to be a different ball game, for sure," she says. "My brain, I'm such a planner. I want to know how it's all going to go. But no matter who you are, you make it happen, you make it work, you get your team behind you."

She thinks Isaiah, who's now 3 years old, will be a source of support during the tour.

"I think he'll be a really good big brother," she says. "I think he'll be helpful."

Underwood is set to release her new album, Cry Pretty, on Sept. 14.

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