A getaway driver didn't get far after crashing through the Coldwater Walmart after holding up a nearby party store.

Branch County was all abuzz on Saturday as a car ended up in the pharmacy at the local Walmart. How it got there is quite a story.

WTVB reports Police received an alarm from Rick's Party Store on Angola Road at about 7:30 am on May 19. When they arrived on the scene, it was apparent there had been a break-in but the suspect had fled. The sheriff's department then got a tip that the perpetrator was at the Speedway gas station on Chicago Drive.

Information was received from the gas station that the suspect had driven away and was heading east on U.S. 12.

A few minutes later, the vehicle crashed through the general merchandise entrance on the east side of the Walmart store and came to a stop in the area of the pharmacy.

-WTVB, Coldwater

Unbelievably, just one Walmart shopper got a minor injury- not serious enough for medical treatment. A lone woman driver was taken to the hospital for treatment of her injuries and is presumed to face a battery of charges for the crime spree.

Watch crews removed the car from the pharmacy below;

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