In July of 2017, Brandon Rhyder will release a self-titled album, produced by Walt Witkins. The project includes four songs co-written by, respectively, Keith Gattis, Michael Hearne, Bri Bagwell and Lori McKenna. Rhyder's collaboration with McKenna, "They Need Each Other," is the first single from the project.

Below, Rhyder tells The Boot about how his wife Kelli inspired "They Need Each Other."

One day, I walked in the house and yelled out I was home; I heard my wife's voice from the back area of the house, and so I went to investigate. As I rounded the corner through the kids' rooms, I found her under the sink, working to unclog the drain.

Hear Brandon Rhyder feat. Lori McKenna, "They Need Each Other":

Now, I knew that sink was draining slow, and it was on my "honey do" list, but I had failed to get the job done in a timely manner. So she took matters into her own hands. I was proud of her, even though she may have been just a bit perturbed with me.

I had the opportunity to fly up to Boston to write with Lori McKenna a couple of years back, and I told her this story, and the rest is really history. The story is that of a lasting relationship -- how, over time, you just keep figuring it out each and every day.

Lori is a great storyteller, and it was a great honor to collaborate with her, and a great honor to feature her distinct vocals on this song.

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